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Cabins A, B, and C are two-room accommodations that have a living room with cooking facilities, a refrigerator and a bedroom with two double beds and one single. The price is NOK 380 per day.

Cabin s 1 to 8 are basic standard with bunk beds for 4 guests. The cabins also have cooking facilities and a fridge . The price  is NOK 270 per day. Cabins 1 and 2 have a panoramic view of the river.

We have 3 cabins designed in traditional Norwegian rustic style. These have cooking facilities and a fridge and cost NOK 330 per day.

The “stable”, as the name suggests, is a small converted stable. It has 2 rooms and is a snug place to spend a holiday. It is also ideal for weekends if you wish to relax away from the stress of your everyday life. The stable dates from around the beginning of the 17th century. We know that it was built this early because it is built in the same style as an old loft and a smithy in the neighbourhood.  In the walls of the smithy you can see the trace the hole that was made when the smith tested out the shot (projectiles) that were cast for the old breech-loading muskets. It is rumoured that the ghost of the blacksmith’s horse, Blakken, still roams the stables and several guests have heard the horse whinnying at night. But Blakken was a very friendly Fjording (a Norwegian race of pony) so this is a very pleasant experience for those who hear it.  Put a little hay on the stairs and you’ll see that it’s gone by morning. The stable is priced at NOK 380 per day. It also has cooking facilities and a fridge.




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